The journal is premised on the assumption that a holistic understanding of social, cultural, political and aesthetic issues is possible only using a multidisciplinary perspective. To this end, each issue of the journal will deal with a specific theme. Ecology and environment, gender, development issues, finance, economics and social welfare, behavioral and political economy, literature and linguistics, demography, education, human rights, peace and conflict, religious studies, caste, ethnicity, subaltern studies, public policy, performing and visual arts are some of the areas in which the journal will welcome articles. This scholarly journal will publish manuscripts in English that are analytical/explanatory/expository, of interest to specialists and that keep readers informed about on-going research in the respective disciplines. Espousing a wide-ranging view of humanities and social sciences, the journal hopes to map new terrains in research, and aspires to play a major role in promoting multidisciplinary research thereby lending itself to a cosmopolitan audience. SAMUDRA will follow a bi-annual publication model that will enable the wide dissemination of research articles in online and print media to the global community. To promote high quality research, the journal’s advisory and editorial board will be a composite of academicians, scholars, activists and practitioners from relevant disciplines from different parts of the world.